Таня в цялата си прелест      Born in Radnevo, grew up in Nova Zagora. She graduated music school in Stara Zagora, and then the Music Academy in Plovdiv - playing the piano beautifully. Now she is not involved in music, but she is very willing to. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria is hard ... In a few years after graduating from the Music Academy, she takes the hard road of the labor office and inspectors, teaches music to children from different schools, but it has proven very difficult to find a job as a music teacher. Involved with furniture design, marketing, advertising, sings in a choir and more. Now works as a sales consultant in a furniture shop.
     Between the two of them - she is the reflection and the good. Decisions are taken impulsively by Marto, rejected by the doubt of Tanya and finally unanimously reached a perfectly balanced compromise between price-quality, beauty-practicality, location-distance power-consumption, etc.
     Now she wants more than anything to marry her beloved, and to finally come the wedding day, because she is already sick from all the madness of those arrangements!