Симо      Born in Pleven, grew up and somehow decided to become a military man...
     Once graduated, they sent him to the famous Graf Ignatievo Airbase - Plovdiv, where they had already moved, for good behavior - Marto. In the begining Marto and his friend Nasko thought that those newcomers are big 'shmortzes' (The word "shmortz" comes from the ancient latin word "shmortsus", the roots of which are found in the ancient Sumerian civilization, however unfortunately the only manuscript that explains the meaning of the word was burned by the Nazis during World War 2, right before to be translated.)
     Later on, it turned out that in fact they have very common interests - Warcraft, Diablo, fishing, beer, work, etc. ..., which automatically lead to fraternization and very cheerful and pleasant events.
     It so happened that the two comrades become as well brothers in arms ... Well, have not been shoulder to shoulder at the front lines, but successfully completed two deployments in Afghanistan, which is not bad at all.
     Simo also threw the hat recently and took the hard road of the civilian life. Now his sight points impetuous to the Plovdiv Tower from where he will overlook abobve and beyond ...
     As a good Best Man, he promises that at the wedding will call many toasts, and will performs "dajchovo", as m. ..