Preflight Brief

For the actions on the 7-th of November

13:00Assembling of the Wedding Battle Group (WBG), for theft (where appropriate bargaining and buying) of a bride and a reasonable drink for courage, because the relatives of the bride with recent rumors were not easy to overcome ...

14:00Arriving at the home of the sponsors and prudent to continue drinking for courage.

14:40Departure to the bride has already pledged to steal (buy).

15:00Arriving at the place and the first attempt to overcome the above tough relatives. Possibly bargaining and deal. Frolic and still reasonable drinks.

16:00On the way to the ritual place- the last few minutes of reflection before the great and fateful question answered! Laying the horns of turmoil in the movement of the city.

16:30 Begining of the ceremony of marriage. (* Intonation * "We are gathered today to reconcile these two young ..." etc. ..). Last chance to object by whom he is;

17:15Departure of OSG (United wedding group) to the Church, deposit of more turmoil and horns in the movement of Plovdiv.

17:45Begining ceremony of a church marriage. Kissing crowns , holding candles and throwing rice and wheat in the heads of the bride and groom ...

18:30 Begining the Welcome Drink - treats for the welcome (if you decide to skip the ceremonies come directly here) in the lobby of Hotel Trimontium. (5 floor, the entrance to the Ambassador Restaurant). Accommodation in the restaurant. Pending the arrival of the young family.

18:45 Meet the bride and the groom and begining of the great fun, different rituals and acceptance of gifts. Folk dances and dance at will, the toast of the best man, surprise from the bride and groom (different from the traditional surprises), Bouquets, Garters and much joy and gladness!