Марто      Born in Pleven and lived there for 22 years, and meanwhile graduated the military school in Dolna Mitropoliya and became a military ...
     Many friends wondered how he so suddenly put on the hat, even though he hardly believed himself. So the whole 14 years ... (if it doesn't fit your math - he went there young and green, even minor - only 17 years old)
     After graduating, he acquainted his country to love it - first they sent him in Yambol, after one year, however, for good behavior he moved to Plovdiv, where he faithfully served the motherland for 9 interesting years. He managed to see some parts of the world on so-called principle of "Military Tourism - MT (The principle of MT is widely known in the Bulgarian Armed Forces because it is a wonderful opportunity in the form of rates or service in any much more developed than my own country to spend a wonderful vacation type "All Inclusive" and eventually they even give you a Diploma for something that will hardly serve you in life, but it's nice to have).
     Like that Marto visited the Netherlands, the United States and eventually landed in Kabul on his first mission. He applyed the learned in the U.S., got better and returned home after 4 months. Past one year and again he managed to come for a second mission, the work was interesting, and the money was not bad for the poor soldier. Finally they liked him so much (not only in appearance) in the tower of the Kabul airport, that he got offer to work as a civilian and after some thinking with his future wife Tanya - he threw away the hat and accepted the offer.

     And so on...