Мариета      Born in Plovdiv, where she spent many years learning the complex art of modern dentistry. Responsible for the perfect smiles on Tanya and Marto, which some of you will have the pleasure to see at the wedding.
     At the time being, she is assistant in the Faculty of Dentistry - Plovdiv and spends her days working in training young and inexperienced students how to draw teeth or how to put fillings, and consequently how to convince the patient that the pain he feels is actually "a slight pinch "...
     Knows the couple for many years, and can ensure that their intentions are honest and they do not marry for the money, nor they know each other since yesterday and they are doing something impulsive and reckless ... Marietta and Simo actually were slightly ahead of Tanya and Marto - they got married on 08.08.2009
     In the long moments where they were left alone by their beloved, because of the Call of Duty - Marietta and Tanya shared loneliness and mutually comforted that their men would return alive and well. It bonds them further and make them true friends who can rely on one another in difficult times.

     She is sincerely happy for both.